Schooners Hotel

Environmental Policy.

We are a 2 star Small hotel situated in one of the most ecologically challenging places in the UK.

Our beautiful natural environment needs careful consideration because of our Island location; we believe that we must do everything possible to reduce the negative impact we have on the islands and the environment, without compromising the holiday experience of our guest's.

Cherishing our world is an ethos carried by all of the Schooners Hotel team and is not something we feel is simply right, but that is a necessity. It is our way of life.

We recognize that as a Hotel, the waste we produce and the energy we use are our most significant negative impacts and have objectives and targets in place to deal with this.

Whilst protecting our environment, we also support our local community and economy, examples of our actions include: Monitoring waste, recycling and energy usage on a weekly basis, reviewing objectives and targets annually. Helping with beach cleaning on a voluntary basis. 

Manufacturing our own soft furnishings and bags in our Traditional Canvas bag making workshop next door. Manufacturing most of our own furniture, using our boat building skills and using local timber. LED and energy saving Lights and fittings throughout the building, dual flush toilets throughout the hotel.

A Buy Local Policy, which ensures we source local and seasonal food when available.

Our free range eggs are farmed on St Marys.

Constant review of our environmental policy and looking at ways to improve. All of our staff are made fully aware of our ethos when joining the company and are encouraged to minimize waste and recycle where ever possible all cans and bottles are taken by us to the town hall recycling area.

Our structured environmental management ensures continual improvement of our performance and aims to give guests the confidence that we are doing what we say we are in an effective and responsible way. Schooners comply with all relevant legislation and regulations that relate to health, safety and the environment. Ideas and feedback is always invited and very welcome.

Keith and Carol Buchanan Owners